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The Rookie

The Rookie
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Charlie Sheen
Warner Bros • Copyright 1990

On Display is the Police Gun Belt used by Charlie Sheen.

Clint Eastwood plays a veteran cop who gets stuck with a rookie cop (Charlie Sheen) to chase down a German criminal. The film featured over twice as many stuntmen as it did actors.


David Ackerman is a recently promoted plain-clothes detective in Los Angeles, and he's lugging around a lot of emotional baggage. He's estranged from his wealthy father Eugene because of his career choice and he's having troubles with his live-in girlfriend Sarah. David is still haunted by the accidental death of his brother years ago, an accident that David was responsible for, and as a result, David is still racked with guilt. David has chosen to work in the auto theft division, believing it offers a chance for quick promotion, and his partner is Nick Pulovski, a former race car driver who is now a veteran cop. David always keeps his emotions in check while the hard-drinking Nick can explode at the drop of a hat. David and Nick set out to break up a massive auto theft operation that's being run by German crime boss Strom and his partner Liesel. Strom is the man who murdered Nick's previous partner, and Nick is determined to bring Strom down. As Nick and David do a stake out, their hatred for one another slowly decreases, and David sees that he can learn something about police work from Nick. When Nick is later kidnapped by Strom's gang, David has to rescue him, and he relies heavily on the crude techniques taught to him by Nick, ripping Los Angeles apart in the process.


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