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Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man


Harley Davidson and Marboro Man
Starring: Mickey Rourke, Don Johnson, Daniel Baldwin    Warner Bros. • Copyright 1991
On Display is the Bulletproof Kevlar Overcoat worn by Daniel Baldwin in the movie. This is a great biker cult movie. Two of the biggest male stars of the time team up in this bikers helping friends movie.   Quote from movie - “Remember, it’s better to be dead and cool, than alive and uncool.”


In Texas, a man hears a news report about a new designer drug called Crystal Dream, highly addictive and administered by rubbing small amounts in the eyes. He leaves a woman he'd shacked up with and rides across the American Southwest region, staying on a route that runs parallel to the Mexican border. He arrives in Los Angeles and stops at a gas station convenience store to buy cigarettes. The store is being held up, but the man pays no attention and tries to buy his cigarettes anyway. When threatened by one of the robbers, he disarms and beats up he and his cohorts quite easily. When asked by the cashier what his name is, he replies "Harley Davidson" and leaves with one of the pistols used in the robbery, a Desert Eagle.

Harley goes to a bar where he happens on an intense pool game between his best friend, The Marlboro Man, and a hulking man. Marlboro's opponent is convinced that Marlboro cheated to win and a fight breaks out. Marlboro is able to beat the man and sarcastically thanks his old friend for not helping.

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