Celebrity Hotel :: Historic Deadwood



Since the time of the Black Hills gold rush and Deadwood’s founding, the businesses that came and went in the Celebrity Hotel Block reflected four different economic eras. The first era stated with the gold camp’s founding, and the scramble that came with merchants seeking the best business locations. With some of Deadwood’s liveliest saloons just down the street, the entrepreneurs who set up shop on the Celebrity Block lots found themselves at the center of the action. Grocery stores, hotels and bars all flourished, at least for a time. The second era came in the 1890s, when the badlands influence caught up with the Celebrity Block businesses. Saloons and brothels soon dominated the locations, such as the Combination and the Topic. By the second decade of the twentieth century, the burgeoning automobile industry brought the third era of economic activity to the Celebrity Block. The auto related businesses lasted for sixty years, the longest of any specific type of activity at these locations. The fourth era began in the 1970s, when the Deadwood Trading Post started attracting tourists to these business fronts. The arrival of gambling in 1989 then brought the full integration of the Celebrity Hotel Block into the tourist industry. While none of the businesses that operated from 629 to 623 Main Street gained as much fame as other Deadwood establishments, they still contributed to Deadwood’s storied past, while demonstrating how Deadwood changed over time.

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